Dota 6.59d Collided Hacked Map

Another Way to Hack Garena -DotA Games.

I took it from another website it is very usefull since collided maps dont ask other players to download the map for you.
It fakes the map to seems just like the original.

here is the tut.

Collided DotA v6.59d

Please note that patch v1.23 has disabled collisions for now. If you have patch v1.23, it won't work. If you have an earlier patch, it will.
Cheats Included:
•Map hack detector? I don't remember, and I'm not checking right now
•Rune spawn notifier
•Low enemy hero health notifier
•-cheat or -c toggles cheats (they're automatically enabled, though!)
•-zoom or -z let you zoom in/out
•Hero stat notifier thingy (tells you hero's name, current health/max health, current mana/max mana)
•Minimap ping of hero locations
•Another hero stat thingy that tells you the hero's name, what abilities it has, and what skill level those abilities are
•Item detector thingy: If a hero picks up an item, it tells you what hero, owned by who, picked up what, or something similar
•Item detector thingy: If a hero drops an item, it tells you what hero, owned by who, dropped what, or something similar
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE: The collided map does not have traditional cheatpacks in it. There are no gold cheats, there's no maphack; none of the normal cheats. However, the cheats that exist in this map can be very helpful for winning at DotA.
And please... Don't ask for the normal type of cheats in the map. It's impossible. End of story.

PudGe666 V4.0 o=(.-Q)

PudGe666 V 4.0 IS HERE !!!

Version 4.0 Features :

- All features of Pudge666 V 1.0

- All features of Pudge666 V 2.0

- All Features of Pudge666 V 3.0

-Plus 1st-Hacks Skin ( Thanks to 666_666 ) * i just changed a little bit that yellow color made it all in blue theme. *

-Totally remade skin

-Totally new English Garena Client Updated to last version

- Pudge666 Garena Server 1,2,3,4,5 ( Style )

- New avatar Skin

- Website Added ( provisory need to improve )

Click the image to open in full size.

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Warcraft III Total Guide

Warcraft III Total Guide
Micro, Team Choices, Strategic Matchups and much much more.
By Archimondew/help from PitLorD
[Chart of Contents]
* Introduction ~ a Word to Warcraft III users
o Why Warcraft III?
o Hacks?
o Abuse?
o Starting with the Guide
* Introduction Micro ~ Strategic advances in MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time strategy).
o Why micro?
* Micro for Warcraft III
o Building
o Surrounding
o Blocking
o Surrounding
* Account Building Tips & Support
o Picking a Name
o Looking Nice
o Getting your friends to remember you
o Winning Games
o Winning Tournaments
* Choosing Arranged Team Partners
* Random Team? Noob Ally? No problem!
* Credits
* Changelog


Thanks for deciding to read this guide, it took aprox. at least 4-5 hours of decisive reasoning to make mainly for the competition. Also, me and PitLorD are spilling the beans on micro secrets and what it was like BEFORE we started hacking. Because we were already pro before using hacks. (Well, we did have fun using Starcraft morphhack, Probes to Mutalisk FTW!) Please note this guide is mostly referring to TFT, as in HOW THE HECK THEY HEAL WITHOUT FOUNTAIN IN RoC?

Why Warcraft III?
Warcraft III is still widely played and competitive, easily over Starcraft. It has an automated tournament system and they're aren't any online moderators/admins to bother you when you are playing. Warcraft III is fun, you can beat on other players or play for competition. It's something that would help someone break a record for staying awake.

Hacks are open for the download in the hacks section. Having maphack is a huge advantage, being to ambush and do things you weren't able to do just playing normally. Use it to your advantage, don't lose and always deny that you use hacks. Only be open to close friends when using hacks because you wouldn't want someone to be reporting you and getting you banned.

Abuse is easy. PitLorD offers intense strategies I use to get massive amounts of wins with percentages you can only dream of. Link: []D3scene - hacks and cheats

Starting with the Guide
Well, this concludes the Introduction. In this guide you will find multiple strategies in game and out to make your stay on Warcraft III the best as possible. Remember, feel free to PM me for more information/questions.

[Introduction to Micro]

Ever wonder why you have a giantic army and still get your army owned by a small opposing army? It's because they had better micro and managed to overpower you strategically. Personally, DotA taught me everything about microing my hero and using it to overpower many enemy units and get away at low health with a lot of experience for free.

Why Micro?
EVERYONE who is ranked is able to micro, even mass tower/Tank users micro. They are targetting your structures, not just attack move. You must may attention to the surroundings especially if you hack. You shouldn't lose with hacks unless you get disconnected or tiehacked or the opponent is using hacks and have a better micro then you.

[Micro for Warcraft III]

Building you ask? Building is the MOST important thing in Warcraft III, as it gives you units and an altar to build a hero with. How do you micro your building? You can start by NOT getting stuck, but making small holes so that you can shoot from the back and have one melee unit tanking in the front.

Night Elf Building
Usually most players spread out. I tend to build inside, with Altar and Moon well next to trees to block hero harass from getting to my wisps. I also make tight holes next to my main structures so that harassers will take big damage from my trees when trying to get through.

Human Building
People tend to use Altar then barracks with Farms in between the structures and Town Hall. Fortified in front and Arcane Tower in the back. Make sure hero harassers that get in can't get out when you block them with one militia on the sidelines. Most annoying can be the blademaster, but Arcane Tower will be the mana burner for the anti-blademaster rush. Heres something from the Warcraft III Forums: [], its completely wrong and doesn't work out. First of all, one farm ain't going to let you get anything, and second, you wouldn't get those structures that early. That layout will result in getting forced inside and not being able to micro well because human has mostly direct combat units.

Undead Building
Tend to clump things together, it works, Ziggurats in the back and Crypt/Slaughterhouse up front. Don't forget cold tower versus possible harassing races. When expoing, I suggest getting towers for your first expo in a solo map. Areas of the base will allow easy access to fiends and ghouls and give a scare to attackers thanks to the frost damage the Undead buildings are able to hit.

Orc building
Again, Altar burrow, make sure burrows are in the back because they have HEAVY armor, which is sufficiently weaker then fortified. Getting your burrows killed sucks because they are the orc food provider. Same goes if you are planning to tower against your opponent. Fortified in the front so that they can absorb damage.

Surrounding is the most useful thing versus heroes and small units. They prevent the unit from getting away and allow for easy killing on them. Getting a hero surrounded forces a TP most of the time and gives you a good advantage. Any race is able to surround. The best players can surround with 4 units.

Surrounding for Night Elf
Only use Hunts/bears for surrounding with Night Elf because Archers and Dryads aren't buff enough and will be killed, creating a hole for the unit/hero to get away. Shadowmeld surround works with maphack. If another user is melded, surround it and meld yourself, waiting for daylight, killing the unit. Remember, weak units surrounded can be shadowmelded.

Surrounding with Human
Human has a good advantage, using footies and Water Elemental to surround. People who get Mountain King First will tend to surround better because the stun from Mountain King will give you more time for surrounding them for the kill. Slow also provides a great surround causing them to slow down will give you the good way to surround them and kill their unit.Surrounding with UndeadOnly works with ghouls/skeletons. Dreadlord's sleep is equivelant to Mountain King, except with more time to get around. It is extremely annoying forcing TPs all the time, giving you extra time to creep, etc, etc. Always get Dust of appearance in case they can shadowmeld. Only Blademaster with 75 mana can get away (after Blizzard made Blademaster be able to walk through units).

Surrounding with Orc
Best for last. Orc Blademaster jumps in front with Windwalk, stops the unit in it;s tracks allowing for grunts to catch up and surround pretty easily. Also, Hex provides an extremely powerful disable against the units and also allowing your grunts to get around. The best is Ensnare, described as the #1 hero killer especially with orc. Ensnare -> Blademaster hit, losing HP, and right when he hits 10% left, he decides to hit TP, then Hex pops up, and BAM!, a dead hero is right in front of you. Death Knights just have seriuos troubles staying alive to a good orc player who can use BM/SH well.

Simple description because for all races it about the same. The best league players are able to do this. While on the chase, it allows for units to not get away even though you can't surround. Basically, you slow them down by blocking. It gives you a great advantage and uses multiple unit deaths for XP. Blocking can also save your unit if an enemy can catch up and kill it. Giving chase, you can block and stop an opposing unit. Ensnare also stops a chase.

Focus Fire
Focus fire is the act of using multiple units to hit one single unit. Most of the time they just move back and their spread out damage is going to kill you. The idea is to hit them when you have your ranged spread out. Focus fire is used in surrounding to kill the trapped unit/hero. Use focus fire to kill units and heroes fire. Focusing on heroes is risky so don't do it if they have multiple healing potions or Invicibility pots.

[Account Building]

I'd say account building is my #1 ability. People build accounts to sell for money and good percentages to look nice in popular channels. Having someone ask you for AT and denying it is priceless.

Picking a name
Something original, no numbers. Illegal names were popular like *_*. Be sure to make yourself look nice, an always NO IMPERSONATION, it's stupid and people will hate you for it. A nice name would be nice to match your race or be just cool overall.

Looking nice
Get your first Icon ASAP, tournament icons are suggested because they are the best to be using. Infernal looks great and only takes about 3 tournaments to get if your really good. Felguard is Ok, Riflemen OK, Headhunter Meh, Huntress OK, Myrmidon OK. Or you could stay peon and go 24-0 on all the race choices. But getting the wins will be hard if you can't find good Arranged Team partners, and most likely good players won't play with you cause your a peon. Getting Random Team wins is ok, but it's like rolling a dice for getting your first loss.

Getting your friends to remember you
You want permanent friends, someone you can count on to Arrange Team with and is also reasonible in skill with flexible time so your online when they are online.

Winning Games
You want to be able to get a good record, best to start with Tournament, but AT, RT, Solo are all valid choices. Or FFA, if you want a quick 1-0 or something. But you have to be able to micro and find a good ally. Most Solo matchups for first timers are pretty easy to win. RT is random, so you might run into the best player on Bnet. On AT, your 0-0 AT, which is a 0% Ratio, that will be averaged with your allies to find a matchup, so be sure so that your enemies can't beat you. Starting 50-0 is good, 60-0, better. Soloing guide is availible here: []Complete Solo Guide for All Races.

Winning Tournaments
Make sure you have time to participate in the full tournament. And if you need a sub be sure it's someone you can trust/count on in for only the finals. PitLorD's abuse Guide provides good ways of getting a good record in the Prelims. Best comeouts are usually 35-0 Tournament record when your done due to bonus wins from winning the tournament. Solo is always the hardest because you will have to count on yourself. 2s is ok, 3s is the best, because I just Garg or carry with fiends for my allies until finals.

[Choosing AT Partners]

Choosing AT partners is pretty simple. Basically, everyday I check the tournament rankings in the finals. If they have a won a tournament you can assume that they are good, but also watch out for what kind of tournament. Solo skill and Team skill is far from different. Teamwork is better then a solo skill. #1 ranking in solo doesn't mean that they are good in 2s or 3s (Close encounters). Don't be afraid if you’re up against someone who’s like #1 solo or something because everyone can lose no matter what happens. Losing is ok once you have a good amount of win ratio on your statistics. I prefer to choose my friends I can already count on.

[Random Team? No ally? No Problem!]

I know it is evil, but I actually prefer my ally to get their pants scared off because of high opponent levels and leave. Microing an ally is extremely easy. Always dual rax and simply mass. UD - Mass fiends with 2 Crypts, Orc - Mass Grunts, 2 Barracks, NE - Mass Hunts with two AoW, and Human Mass Rifles/Foots with 2 Barracks. You should creep to level 3 and hit ASAP before your opponents can do much and destroy your opponents. Keep in mind, a good player can overpower 2 people petty easily. Once had an ally who lifted his Tree of Life, and I still ended up winning.


Guide by: Archimonde
Editing: Archimonde & Pitlord & H3art.
Information: Provided my many years of experience
Thanks for reading, this guide will be updated if suggestions/questions/complaints come up.

How to CK: Firewall abuse (working for 1.23)

Ok there are so many people begging for a working Custom kick after the 1.23 patch that I decided to simple TUT.

What you will need:

A Pc
Garena(I think work on BNet custom also)
A Firewall with Advanced features enabled

1: Start your Garena->WC3 and host a customgame.

2:Let players join and start the game

3:Use Alt+Tab or the "WindowsStartbutton" to minimize WC3

4:Open up your firewall (i'm using Nod32) and go to the place where you can see all TCP/IP connections to your pc. You may activate advanced mode to find this...

5: Search for the connections related to WC3.

6:Then just select one connection, rightclick and close it

7:Return to game and see "XXXX has left the game!"

Happy CK'ing

I will update this tut with pic's if people think it's hard to understand all the steps.

Remember to tell others if this worked for you and do also tell what Firewall you used.

I may post a TUT on how to CK with viewTCP, time will tell...

Best regards Acel

Acel Acel is offline

Pudge666 V4.0 SooN *Check it out*

I will release V4.0 Soon , currently working on it so stay tunned for more info.

Version 4.0 Features :

- All features of Pudge666 V 1.0

- All features of Pudge666 V 2.0

- All Features of Pudge666 V 3.0

-Plus 1st-Hacks Skin ( Thanks to 666_666 )

-Totally remade skin

-Totally new English Garena Client Updated to last version

- Pudge666 Garena Server 1,2,3,4 ( Style )

Comment here if you liked it

Garena 700 EXP / 15 MIN

Hey Guys Look what i found out on the web a guy who sells a cracked garena that gives you 350 EXP/15MIN for basic members and 700 EXP/15MIN for GOLD MEMBERS.

The worst part is i think that is working because he posted a account for everyone to check in garena website and that account was really getting 350 exp / 15 min .

But i think now that account is banned because a lot of people reported that of course.

Well enough said look the link by yourself and comment here plz what you think .

Pudge666 Version 3.0

Ok i am back now.

I had several problemans with my web service. and a virus blocked totally my outgoing packets of web.

So i delayed in 5 days to fix it. but at least i own !

Now lets get back to what is important :

This new Pudge666 Crack is nothing like a uber release or something.

Its a easy way to fix all the recent updates.

News :

New counter and Working counter. ( Hosted at 1st Hacks )
No more tic Sound.
All updates bypassed march 24.
Chew method add
All Icons back with Face Folder.
Wc3ladder.dll is fixed

Of course i will release a new version that does not require any method to work.
but for that i will need several days , but i dont have it since my tests at college are about to begin so i will concentrate on tests.


Method v2 make pudge666's crack work in GG(24/3/09)

My method version 2 (Fix icon and room list problem.)
1. download the complete.rar from here.
2. Go to GG folder Delete the folder name "lib" and "plugins". (MUST DELETE, DONT OVERITE IT)
3. extract all the file from the complete.rar to the GG folder.
4. patch pudge666 v1.0 or v2.0 or v3.0 again!
5. yahoo~! your pudge666 crack work like original.

For just Fix the room arrangement problem after using my bypass method.
1. Download xyz.rar.
2. Extract the file to garena folder, overwrite the previos file.
3. yahoo.... the room arrangement back to last time.(no more frustrating scrolling down for warcraft room)

chew85chew85 is online now

Pudge666V2Garena Working at 2009/3/24 11:12


Pudge666V2WORKING ON Garena(24/03/09)(FULL):


SHIT!!FORGOT PUT THE FACE FILE AGAIN....==please download the face file extract it and put it to garena file!!!

Garena-Tool *Edit Your Garena*

Garena Helper is a program designed to help you manage Garena more easily. It can be used to modify garena settings from outside the garena client, it can be used to manage user banlists and personal settings.

The Garena WatchDog module is a program that runs exactely like the Garena Anti-Hack system, only faster, this way you will never get a system ban for cheating from now on.

The Garena WatchDog module will make sure you'll never get a "Banned by the System" for cheating. It can detect the same programs that the Garena Anti-Hack system can and it will block them before Garena can detect them. This way you won't get an unwanted ban.

Main Features Of This Program :

Allows you to manage, view, edit and export the banlist of a user
Garena WatchDog module protects you from getting a system ban because of cheating
Allows you to select the way Garena client starts
You can modify user custom settings
You can view a users stored password hash
You can view a users friends list
You can change GarenaTv settings


Double Exp with Pudge666v2 (17.3.)

The Double XP method with Pudge666v2 is still working after 17. march garena update,
Just follow the thread here Pudge666V2.0 10 March ByPass
Some of you (me too) have problems logging two or more garena clients at the same this,
(PC would totaly freeze for a few min)
I use XP SP2 and have a old PC
What I did was:
Click the image to open in full size.
Change the UDP port each time u change server

Server 1 => UDP port 1513
Server 2 => UDP port 1514
and so on...

Garena icon fix

i know quite a many of ppl lost the hero icon after using pudge666 v2 crack. u can dl this face.rar and extract it inside ur garena folder then ur icon is back x)


Garena Drop Kick

Thats a custom kick for host ( work only if you are host ).

How to work that out :

First open garena , than create your own game and start it as you want.

When you think you will lose the game and get a loss instead of quitting and receving a disconnect you alt tab your dota and open W3 drop kick !

What you must do , it is very simples:

W3 Drop Kick -- > Click the image to open in full size.

Hit refresh then all players of your game will appear then click in anyone and select drop by doing that *ALL PLAYERS WILL DROP*.

but here is a tip if you drop everybody on garena lobby will appear that you won a dota ladder game , but that is not true because the packet of win/loss was not sent *YET*

So what you do , you just kicked everybody from your game , remaining only you in your own game , so what to do to get a free victory ? just get everybody items , become over and finish the game ( yea destroy the throne like a normal game ) Then the packets of winning / losing will be sent.


Pudge666V2.0 10 March ByPass

ok i've tried and it mayb some of you can try and see..i've tried with original garena after updated

1. delete the avoidcrack.dll
2. delete a file name common in lib
3. replace the files from pudge666 v2.0 (i guess u don have to do
so if u are not tryin tis from original garena),meaning that u've
already replace it before the update
GG update(10/3 & 11/3) - can try use this method to make pudge666 v1.0 or v2.0 working, be4 pudge out a new crack.

all credits to tkokweng.
Method 1(If your GG already update on 10/3 & 11/3)
1. download the
Lib_and_plugins from here.
2. Go to GG folder Delete the folder name "lib" and "plugins". (MUST DELETE, DONT OVERITE IT)
3. paste the "lib" and "plugins"from the
Lib_and_plugins to the GG folder.
4. patch pudge666 v1.0 or v2.0 again!
5. wola~! your pudge666 crack work perfect again.

If your GG icon is missing, try to reinstall your GG and apply this method again and feedback is it working.

Method 2(If your GG still havent update on 10/3 & 11/3)
1. download
2. extract the file update.xml to GG folder. (overite the previous one)
3. wola~! you had by pass the update! use pudge666's crack normaly

*USE IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK(test with a new accout 1st, i am not responsible on any of your acc get banned)
sry for my bad english.

All credtis to chew85

Solution for Pudge V2 Crack after 10/3/2009 update!

1. Download the lib and plugin file
2.Go to Garena Folder delete ''lib'' and ''plugin'' folder. (Remember Don't Overwrite It.)
3.Paste the downloaded lib and plugin folder to your Garena folder.
4.Paste again everything from Pudge V2 crack.
5.Enjoy cracking.

If your GG icon is missing, try to reinstall your GG and apply this method again and feedback is it working.

Pudge666 V2.0 Best Garena Crack

Version 2 of Pudge666 Garena Crack , now for real !

Took me a lot of time and work to make the crack , Hope you guys enjoy the release.


What are the news on this crack ?

-- > Custom Online Counter that shows how many players are conected throught my crack.

--> A Edited Garena Skin based on the coolest hero of Dota PudGe , of course !

Intro logo:

Top Left Garena Skin :

The waiting for enter in room logo ( It shows up only for a second because of the disable 5 seconds ) :

Now red Exp Bar and '' 666 gold member style '' :

--> 1sT-Hacks link inside the crack ! You will be automatically redirected to Garena Section.
So you will get in touch with all other members , share ideas , and be up to date with the best Hacks, cracks for Garena. :

--->Admins functions are enabled one more time. Of course the only function that works is the '' Admins functions /// Trace Location '' that retrieves the player original IP instead of the virtual one.
But whats new here ? i removed that ugly website that opened when cliked on that function , and i changed the function to retrieve the player ip on chat as system message.

Screenshot explains better :

---> And for last i Messed a little bit with wc3Ladder.dll to crack the gold member function that retrieves ladder status

---> Also in ladder section i allowed the full window when you click yourself now you can see your own ladder :

Now i will explain what you guys must DO to make Crack Work Perfectly :

-1- Download it
-2- Extract it anywhere
-3- Put Garena.exe in Garena Folder and say YES for REPLACE
-4- Put GEngine.dll in Garena\plugins\UI and say YES for REPLACE
-5- Put Wc3ladder.dll in plugins\Game and say YES for REPLACE
-6- Put Skins.ggz in Garena\Skin and say YES for REPLACE