[NEWWWWWW] DreamCrack

    1) Warcraft III TFT versions 1.24b to 1.24e.
    2) DotA Allstars map 6.63 to 6.67c
    3) Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or higher.
    4) You need the Visual Studio 2010 redistributable package from Microsoft

    If your anti-virus program thinks that DreamDota/DreamLoader/DreamCrack are viruses:
    1) Turn your anti-virus program off.
    2) Download and extract all of the files you need to.
    3) Make sure the files are where they need to be (if you move them later, your anti-virus program may complain).
    4) Add all of the files that you extracted to your exceptions list (if your anti-virus has this feature).
    5) Turn your anti-virus program back on.

    1) Download DreamCrack from this post (at the bottom).
    2) Extract DreamCrack files to your TFT folder.
    3) Edit DreamDota.ini if you want to change the button hotkeys. For a list of possible keys, see Keycodes.txt.

    DreamDota should now be automatically started when WC3 starts.

    -Fixed another major crash bug.

    Fixed a bug that prevented WC3 from running if the "Frozen Throne.exe" or "Warcraft III.exe" executables were used (as opposed to "war3.exe").

    -Fixed a major crash bug.

    -Fixed a bug that preventing DreamDota.ini from being read at all (whoops).
    -If DreamDota.ini can't be read, it will now use the normal default keys (tab and ~).
    -Fixed a bug that caused the login screen to show up occasionally.

    -Now works for all versions from v1.24b to v1.24e
    -No longer requires administrator privileges
    -No longer need to be loaded every time WC3 is started
    -Removed the login screen
    -Added a config file
    -Fixed several other bugs that caused the crack to fail

    -First working version

    DreamCrack v9.5
    DreamCrack v9.4
    DreamCrack v9.3
    DreamCrack v9.2

    If v9.5 doesn't work well for you, try v9.4.

    When using v9.4 or earlier, use the following bug workaround method:
    1) Load Garena (if that's where you want to play)
    2) Start WC3
    3) Click "Single Player" then click "Custom game".
    4) After step 3, you can go ahead and play WC3.

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  1. cant start with garena war3.exe but i can start Frozen Throne without garena and hosted a game, tried and it worked well. but i had to reinstall my warcraft cause it crashed when i stared it with garena.unfortunatelly i doesnt work with garena, tried 2 times. ^^


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